a) Electrostatic Filters
1. Engineering Removal of oil mist or coolant mist for CNC grinders, lathes, machining centers, etc.

Capture of fine powders from graphite, cast iron, bakelite grinding operations.Elimination of smoke and fumes from welding, annealing, forging, electro discharge m/c, etc.
2. Electronics Capture of fumes from soldering , cleaning and for Clean Rooms.
3. Pharmaceuticals Capture of fine powder from tableting , capsuling , filling and for Clean Rooms.
4. Textiles Capture of particulates in ventilation and humidification system.
5. Hospitals Capture of dust, bacteria in operation theatres and for Clean Rooms.
6. General For Clean rooms upto Class 1,00,000 without changing existing fan capacity of airconditioning system.
For Prefiltration systems for higher Class levels with drastic reduction in pressure drop across prefilters thereby saving fan capacity and electricity running costs.
For General cleanliness improvement (without Clean Room Class level specs) of upto 85% - 90% from existing levels with Dustkiller model.
b)Dust Bag Filters
  Removal of dust from tool & cutter grinders, surface grinders, profile grinders, etc.
  Dust from Machining & Grinding, cast iron, carbon, graphite,etc.
  Dust from buffing, deburring, polishing, mixing, Pharmaceuticals, Food industry.
  Dust from sieving, enpsuling, mining, grinding,etc.

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