Fume Extractor
Air flow capacities 500CMH,1000CMH,2000CMH (CMH-Cubic metersper hour).For removal of fumes, mist, smoke, fine powder,etc,from specific generating sources -CNC and non-CNC m/cs,Electro-discharge m/cs, Induction hardening,TIG / MIG welding, Soldering, Dip tinning, Diesel genset exhaust, Furnace Exhaust, Spark erosion m/cs, Die-casting fumes etc.One large capacity Fumekiller system can be used for multiple CNC machines, by splitting the suction from one Fumekiller unit.

Air flow capacity-500 CMH, 1000CMH.For removal of atmospheric dust in an enclosed area,for general cleanliness levels.This system when used in a closed room,with or without air conditioning,can bring down the dust level by more than 85% of previously existing dust levels.

Air flow capacity-500 CMH, 2000CMH, 4000CMH per Module.Can be stacked together to cater any large air flow requirements, retaining the efficiency of electrostatic filtration.Can be used for large-scale capture of fumes, mist, smoke, fine powders in custom-made applications.Can be used as Prefilters for higher than Class 1,00,000 Clean Rooms,Which can save electricity,as well as extend the life of the HEPA filters by over 3 times.Specific application include boiler flue gas,furnaces, incinerators, ventilation & humudification systems, etc.,

We also manufacture Filters using non-woven filter fabric as the filter media. These have been developed for collecting dust from Tool and Cutter Grinder, Cast Iron Machining & can also be used to collect dust from Buffing, deburring & similar operations.Please note that these Dustbag filters are not the electrostatic type.

Self balanced extractor arm with 2 meters and 4 meters reach up / down, forward / backward and 360 degrees swivel for capture of fumes, smoke and dust.The arm can be used independently or fitted to our Fumekiller,Dustbag systems.

Note:All of the above units are also available built to custom specifications depending on the application study done by us.

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