What is Dustkiller® - Clean Room Technology?

Dustkiller® – Dust filtration system, is a high-efficiency, two-stage electrostatic precipitator, designed, developed and manufactured by Powertech Pollution Controls Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, India for atmospheric pollutant control in any closed room, air-conditioned or otherwise.

Dust Killer


This equipment can achieve a high level of dust control in any closed area. Very fine floating particles can be captured before they can settle down on sensitive precision equipment. It provides high dust capture efficiency. All filter modules are many times washable and re-usable during the life of the equipment. Maintenance and running costs are low when compared to conventional mechanical filters. We have incorporated safety features such as high voltage fault trip circuitry for reliable, safe and efficient functioning. These systems contribute to a safer, healthier work environment where toxic airborne pollutants are removed. We provide excellent factory support and product expertise based on years of industrial process emission control.


Dustkiller® – Clean Room Technology can be used for controlling dust and fine particles in any closed room, preferably but not necessarily fitted with window / split type air conditioners – electronic labs, mechanical precision assembly areas, standards room, metrology labs, pharmaceuticals, bio-tech labs etc., or wherever dust control is a necessity. Dustkiller® – Clean Room Technology can be quickly installed without major changes in the existing area.

How it Works

Dust and fine particulate matter are sucked in with the air stream by the centrifugal blower (1) through the inlet (2) on top. These enter the prefilter (3) where large particles are removed. The remaining fine particles then enter the electrostatic modules (4) where, between a series of parallel aluminium plates, they receive a high +ve charge. These positively charged particles then pass through another series of aluminium plates which are negatively charged. Here, the particles are attracted to the oppositely charged aluminium plates and stick to them just like iron filings are attracted to a magnet, but with one difference – the particles remain adhered to the plates even when the electrostatic filter is switched off. The air, now devoid of particles, escape through the outlet (5) as clean air. The postfilter (6) help in even distribution of air flow through the electrostatic module and also controls odor & smell when filled with activated carbon granules.

Working of Dustkiller®

Technical Specifications*

* Due to continuous innovation, specifications are subject to change without notice.