What is DustBag® Reverse-Pulsed-Jet (RPJ) - Self Cleaning Dust Collector?

DustBag® (RPJ) – Self Cleaning Dust Collector is a trademarked, high-efficiency dust collector with reverse-pulsed-jet cleaning system for the filter cartridges, designed, developed and manufactured for the control of most types of dust, both fine and coarse, generated during machining operations and processes on the shop floor.

Self-Cleaning Dust Collector


DustBag® (RPJ) – Self Cleaning Dust Collector is an air pollution control equipment, which can capture large quantities of dust, from any generating source, with high efficiency. The DustBag® (RPJ) uses polyester non-woven Easy fit cartridges with filtration capability of 3 micron and larger with 99% efficiency. The Reverse-pulsed-jet cleans the cartridges continuously during operation without shutting down the DustBag® (RPJ) operation. Optional accessories such as motorised rotary air lock, spark arrestor with or without water cooling, differential pressure switch, pressure release valve and dust collection trolley, may be provided.


The equipment can be used effectively for the capture and control of dust, in large quantities, from most dust generating operations. The DustBag® (RPJ) does not require periodic shutdown for de-dusting of the filter cartridges. Specific applications are – capture of dust from the machining of graphite and carbon components, ceramic and talcum dust. It may also be used in dust-capture applications where the dust collector is to be working continuously with only short breaks, if at all. Examples of such applications would include food production and pharmaceutical processes. The collected dust in any of the aforementioned applications may be re-used, if required. Since the filter cartridges are cleaned continuously by the pulsed air-jet, operation is hands-free, except for the removal of collected dust for disposal.

How it Works

The built-in suction fan driven by an induction motor provides a powerful suction which sucks the dust into the DustBag® Reverse-Pulsed-jet(RPJ). The dust as small as 3 micron and larger is filtered by the polyester non-woven filter cartridges with 99% efficiency. The clean air is released through the suction fan outlet fitted with a silencer for noise reduction. The continuous cleaning system which de-dusts the filter cartridges, uses compressed air at 5bar to 8bar (to be provided by the customer at site) in pulsed jets into each filter cartridge through a set of solenoids fired by an electronic sequential timer. The pulsed air jets clean the cartridges continuously. The dust falls into the tapered collection bin and is removed through a rotary air lock into a trolley. The collected dust may be disposed as required.
High-Efficiency Air Filtration

Technical Specifications*

* Due to continuous innovation, specifications are subject to change without notice.