What is Fumekiller®-KitchenEx - Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems?

Fumekiller® -KitchenEx – Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems, is a high-efficiency fume extractor, working on the principle of electrostatic filtration, designed, developed and manufactured for the control of kitchen smoke, generated during cooking, in commercial kitchens.

Fumekiller® -KitchenEx


Fumekiller® -KitchenEx – Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems, is an air pollution control equipment, which can capture smoke and fumes from any generating source, but specifically from cooking processes in commercial kitchens. The units are compact and can be fitted immediately after the kitchen suction hood, with the suction fan (optional) located else where, which can provide flexibility in mounting. The units can be made to order to suit the space allocated. They can be stacked to provide larger air flow capacities. The filters and pre-filters can be washed and re-used many times and do not require replacement. These units can be fitted with optional UltraViolet lamps for odour control, if required Fumekiller® -KitchenEx contribute to a safer, healthier work environment where toxic airborne pollutants are removed. We provide excellent factory support and product expertise based on years of industrial process emission control.


The equipment can be used effectively for the capture and control of smoke and fumes from cooking processes in commercial kitchens.

How it Works

Fine particles in smoke and fumes enter the electrostatic filter through the suction inlet (1) these particles carried by the air stream first enter the prefilter (2) where large particles are removed. The finer particles then enter the electrostatic module (3) where, between a series of parallel aluminium plates, they receive a high +ve charge. These positively charged particles then pass through another series of aluminium plates which are negatively charged. Here, the particles are attracted to the oppositely charged aluminium plates and stick to them just like iron filings are attracted to a magnet, but, with one difference, the particles remain adhered to the plates even when the electrostatic filter is switched off. The air, now devoid of particles, escapes through the outlet of the system as clean air.

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems
General Arrangement FKFF5000/K
Fumekiller® -KitchenEx
General Arrangement FKFF7500/K
Fumekiller® -KitchenEx
General Arrangement FKFF10000/K
Fumekiller® -KitchenEx

Technical Specifications*

* Due to continuous innovation, specifications are subject to change without notice.