What is Mistkiller™ - Mist Collector?

Mistkiller™ is a trademarked, high-efficiency centrifugal mist collector, designed, developed and manufactured for the control of most types of mist, generated by the use of water-based coolants or water-based liquids.
Mist collector


Mistkiller™ is an air pollution control equipment and works primarily on the principle of high speed centrifugal collection of liquids. Maintenance and running costs are lower than conventional mechanical filters. The 2-pole 3-phase induction motor with suction fan is protected by a Direct On Line(DOL) starter. By capturing mist from the source on the shop floor these units contribute to a safer and healthier work environment. Mistkiller™ units can be used continuously with little periodic maintenance. We provide excellent product support using expertise based on years of industrial emission control.


Mistkiller™ can be used effectively for the capture and control of mist generated by the use of water-based liquids, typically from CNC and non-CNC machining, cleaning chambers, spraying systems, etc. The mist condenses inside the Mistkiller™ and the condensed liquid may be drained out into the generating equipment for re-use. The Mistkiller™ can be machine-mounted (built-in stand) or mounted on a separate groutable stand. Interconnection between the generating source and the Mistkiller™ uses a flexible or rigid PVC duct with the pollutant being sucked through an exhaust port on top or the side of the generating equipment.

How it Works

The built-in suction fan driven by an induction motor provides a powerful suction which sucks the mist into the Mistkiller™ through the exhaust port of the generating equipment and the connecting PVC duct. A prefilter(optional) consisting of a small chamber with aluminium flakes provides the initial gross filtration of the mist. The high speed rotation of the special suction fan generates a centrifugal force which throws the mist against the inner side of the Mistkiller™ enclosure. The mist condenses under this pressure and the collected liquid flows down through the PVC duct and returns to the generating equipment for re-use. The outlet of the Mistkiller™ is provided with foam/steel media used as a postfilter. The equipment requires just periodic washing of the mesh prefilter and the foam/steel postfilter with a high pressure water jet.
Oil mist collector

Technical Specifications*

Note: The suction end of these units may be split using Y-splitters for two or more suction points.

* Due to continuous innovation, specifications are subject to change without notice.