With this project, we took an enormous stride forward in air pollution control by demonstrating the extraordinary capabilities of the FumeKiller®, our advanced soldering fume extractor. In order to address a major air quality issue, we worked closely with a client who encountered soldering fume issues at many workstations. This blog delves into the project’s complexities, describing the problem and the brilliant solution we supplied using the FumeKiller® technology.

The Challenge: Control of Fumes generated from multiple Soldering Workstations

Our customer, an established electronics manufacturer, was dealing with a serious problem: the unregulated release of soldering smoke in their production area. Soldering, a critical component of their operations, was posing health concerns to their employees and violating air quality standards due to generation of hazardous fumes. With several workstations continuously engaged in soldering processes at the same time, the customer required a complete system that could efficiently capture and control the soldering fumes.

The Solution: Centralized Fume Extraction System using FumeKiller® model FK3600EM.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, our team set out on an assignment to develop a comprehensive solution. After multiple consultations and careful investigation, we came up with the solution of deploying a centralized fume extraction system using FumeKiller® model FK3600EM as the final answer to their air pollution control needs.

  • Customized System Design: We painstakingly examined the client’s workspace layout to determine the best location for the FumeKiller® unit. This strategic arrangement enabled optimum coverage and effective extraction of soldering fumes from all workstations.
  • Powerful Extraction Technology: The FumeKiller® system boasts cutting-edge electrostatic filtration technology, which enables it to function as an effective and efficient soldering fume extractor. This feature dramatically decreases the release of pollutants into the ambient air, improvigng workplace safety and air quality.
  • Single Centralized Control: We optimized the client’s fume extraction infrastructure by supplying a single FumeKiller® machine to serve all workstations. This centralization simplified maintenance while also lowering operational costs, resulting in a cost-effective and efficient solution.
  • Customizable Features: The FumeKiller®‘s flexible design enables us to produce a specific model, in this case the FK3600EM, to meet the demand. It also allowed us to customize the extraction settings to the specific needs of each workstation. This adjustment ensured that the system was compatible with the client’s varied soldering processes.

Results and Impact:

The successful implementation of FumeKiller® yielded outstanding results for our client:

Improved Air Quality: The client noticed a significant improvement in air quality throughout their production area thanks to the robust extraction capabilities of our soldering fume extractor. Harmful soldering vapours were properly caught and filtered, resulting in a safer and healthier working environment for its staff.

Regulatory Compliance: Our solution enabled the customer to comply with stringent air quality rules, avoiding potential legal issues.

Operational Efficiency: The centralized extraction system improved the client’s workflow by eliminating the need for multiple exhaust systems. This improved productivity and resource usage.

Cost Savings: Our customer realized significant cost savings as a direct result of the unified strategy using the FumeKiller®, both in terms of equipment investment and ongoing maintenance.


The successful execution of this project demonstrates our commitment to innovative and effective air pollution management technologies. By addressing our client’s soldering fume issues with a centralized extraction system, we enhanced not just their air quality and worker safety, but also their operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. The outstanding success of the FumeKiller® in this endeavour demonstrates its ability to alter industries, one clean breath at a time. If you are ready to take your air pollution management efforts to the next level, contact us today to learn about the transforming power of our fume extractors.

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