Ever wondered what harm a water-based coolant does to the people on your shopfloor?

A lot of people believe that using a water-based coolant is less harmful than using oil-based coolants.

On the contrary, even water-based coolants use soluble oils to ensure the longevity of the tool life (corrosion resistance, high friction resistance etc.). One characteristic of the commonly used water-based coolant is that they provide an ideal medium for microbial growth with consequent biological contaminants.

Knowing the risk of releasing contaminants into your immediate environment, would you still consider releasing the water-based coolant mist on the shop floor or the immediate outside environment?

Now that you’re aware of the harm it causes, we hope that’s surely not the case!

Introducing to you Powertech’s MistKiller™ unit – Your one stop solution for mist generated from water-based coolants.

Using the simple technique of centrifugal force, this mist collector unit incorporates a pre filter and post filter to ensure efficient filtration of the water-based coolant mist before releasing it into air. The air released is about 80%-90% clean which means there is a substantial reduction of pollutant in the mist.

The centrifugal force inside the unit, condenses the mist to liquid which can be routed back to your machine for re-use by means of a drain pipe.

Pre-filters in the form of Aluminum Mesh and Post Filters in the form of Foam Mesh provide excellent filtration and also are washable and re-usable.

What you get with our MistKiller™ is – 1 unit, 3 major benefits:

  1. Filtration of mist at the mist generation source.
  2. Coolant retrieval for re-use
  3. No replaceable cost of filters as these can be just washed and re-used

Are you in need of a mist collector to capture and control water-based coolant mist from CNC machining operations? Get in Touch with us today and we will work with you to provide the best possible solution for your specific requirements.

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