At Powertech Pollution Controls Pvt Ltd, we provide a variety of mobile and fixed fume capture devices, under the brand name of Fumekiller® that are well-suited to capture most types of fumes, smoke, mist and fine dust from generating sources. Our Fumekiller® devices can be used for hand-soldering, wave-soldering, dip-tinning, automated soldering stations, etc. These fume extractors can be designed with suitable ducting and suction hoods to suit centralised as well as semi-centralised extraction .

Some of our reputed customers include India Nippon, Delta Electronics, Secure Meters, Lucas TVS, Centum Electronics, Rakon India among others.  

In an air-conditioned room, our client had 5 rows of soldering stations, where hand soldering was carried out on tables with the operators sitting in front. Each row of tables consisted of 10 soldering stations. With a calculation of 200 cubic meters per hour per station, it was decided that for the soldering fume extractor we would use the FumeKiller® model FK2000DPEM/1.5hp, which was then positioned at the head of the row of tables, mounted on anti-vibration mounts. PVC rigid pipes were used as ducting and routed below the tables throughout the length, covering the 10 stations.

At each soldering station, a duct break was introduced in order to provide a self-balanced flexible segmented suction arm with a suction hood for the capture of soldering fumes. Ten such arms were provided, one for each station. The arms could be positioned easily as required, with the suction hood placed about 5 – 6 inches from any soldering fume generation spot.

For 5 rows of tables, 5 no.s of Fumekiller® units were positioned, one at the head of each row  with ducting as mentioned above. During soldering the fume extractor was switched on. From each soldering station, the fumes generated were sucked through the suction hoods / arms and reached the fume extractor through the ducting provided. The soldering fumes were trapped by the electrostatic filtration system and the clean air released from the exhaust of the fume extractor into the room. Air-conditioned air was preserved from loss because of this arrangement.   

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