Even though the number of individual hand soldering or dip tinning stations are several in any assembly floor, many users prefer to use individual fume extractors for each station. This is for maximum flexibility during re-organising the stations according to the requirement of the day. The soldering station can be located elsewhere along with its dedicated fume extractor.

For individual soldering stations where relatively smaller components are soldered, we suggest the use of our Fumekiller® electrostatic soldering fume extractor model FK250 single pass filtration unit or the recommended FK250DP, dual pass fitration unit to be placed below the soldering station table. To capture the soldering fumes during soldering, we suggest the use of our self-balanced segmented extractor mini arm fitted to the edge of the table opposite to the operator seat.

The segmented self-balanced mini arm can be positioned as close as 3 to 4 inches from the fume generation spot to optimise the capture of fumes as well as operator comfort. During soldering the fumes are captured by the mini arm and routed to the Fumekiller® unit. Suction is provided using a low noise, high efficiency suction fan in the Fumekiller® unit.

Soldering fumes consists of fine particulates such as lead, flux, carbon, etc which are trapped in the Electrostatic filter modules and the clean air is released through the exhaust port.

For soldering of relatively larger components, possibly with multiple soldering spots such as larger PCBs, we suggest the use of a specially designed small SS booth with in-built lighting and an exhaust port on top of the booth. Here there is no requirement of the mini arm for capture of fumes. The exhaust port is connected to the Fumekiller® unit using PVC flexible hose.

The soldering is carried out within the booth confines. The fumes are sucked through the exhaust port and the particulates are filtered by the Fumekiller® unit.

Please note that the above are arrangements for soldering fume extraction using individual fume extractors each dedicated to a single soldering station.

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