Oil mist is a combination of 90-95% water and the rest 5-10% soluble oil; and depending upon the type of oil-based fluid being used, the mist can contain a number of other additives as well. When left on its own, oil mist turns into an oily substance on equipment and products.

What causes oil mist?

Oil mist and fumes can be caused through vapourization of the cooling lubricant around quick rotating tools like milling, grinding, and turning; or the condensation of vapourized cooling lubricant on warm surfaces. Either way, all surfaces coated with cooling lubricants can prove to be a source of emission. The warmer the surface, the greater the risk of contamination, which means higher risk to the employees.

Why is oil mist dangerous?

Long-term or repeated exposure to oil mist proves to be harmful for health. Workers who are exposed to oil mist are at a risk of developing skin disorders, respiratory problems, occupational asthma, bronchitis, or any other such respiratory tract irritation or breathing difficulties.

Why is it important to control oil mist within the premises?

It is important for employers to evaluate the potential impact that the manufacturing operations and processes may have on the workplace environment, and the wellbeing and health of the employees. Removing oil mist is thus an important aspect of any workplace, as it provides cleanliness as well as eliminates safety hazards. Controlling oil mist not only contributes to employee health, but also provides a positive impact on the general working environment.

Mistkiller – The ideal solution

The best solution for oil mist control is installing an industrial oil mist filtration unit that utilizes industrial oil mist filters for oil mist collection. The Mistkiller from Powertech Pollution Controls Pvt. Ltd. is a trademarked oil mist collector that is designed and developed for the control of most types of mist generated by the use of water-based coolants or liquids. It is an air pollution control equipment that works primarily on the principle of high-speed centrifugal collection of liquids. A prefilter, consisting of a small chamber with aluminium flakes, provides the initial gross filtration of the mist. The built-in suction fan, driven by an induction motor, provides a powerful suction that sucks the mist in through the exhaust port of the generating equipment and the connecting PVC duct. The fan’s high speed generates a centrifugal force that throws the mist against the inner side of the equipment’s enclosure, which then condenses under pressure, the collected liquid flowing down through the PVC duct, and returning to the generating equipment for re-use. The outlet is provided with a foam or steel postfilter, which needs simple periodic washing with a high-pressure water jet.

This product requires least maintenance and running costs, as compared with other conventional mechanical filters. Moreover, it can be used with a wide variety of applications like CNC and non-CNC machines, cleaning chambers, spraying systems, and more. Order the Mistkiller oil mist collector, to contribute to a safer and healthier work environment. Along with the product, you’ll also receive excellent product support, thanks to the years of experience and expertise that our team has.

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