Law has been passed to maintain a clear zone of environment in factories. Welding fumes are severely dangerous for health. To reduce or avoid the welding fumes an accurate measure has to be adapted. Technology has made this job easier. We at Powertech Pollution Controls Pvt. Ltd, have taken a challenge to step in manufacturing a product to obtain radical control of air pollution. Producing a quality oriented product is our aim. We target in capturing polluted air from the primary level. By capturing the welding fumes in very basic levels may effectively reduce the amount of spreading. Initially we must focus on keeping our premises clean. Our welding fume extractor is considered to be the best therapy for reducing contaminated air.

We help you in maintaining dirt free tools and office area which helps in overall growth of your development. We are leading Welding Fume Extractor Manufacturers in a fast growing metropolitan city Bangalore. We produce our product such as to completely capture the polluted air and to bestow back fresh air. We consider proper ventilation for air to be recycled. Ensuring healthy workforce is also one of our strategies. Before purchasing our product you can view the trail of our product about how it works. Once if you are satisfied with it further we precede our dealings with you. We not manufacture fume extractors but also supply it to remote places. Since our products have much demand in India we take appropriate care to satisfy their demands.

To recover and improve your indoor air qualities gently induce a Welding Fume Extractor. It makes to feel fresh all the time and also ensure an ill free life span. We design our product based on the number of hours you use it either for longer period or for shorter duration. We take measures to run smoothly without any chance for explosion. If you want to be part of our project gently reach us,you are welcome to be served.

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